King of Mambo

53 million CDs sold is an incredible achievement these days, and Lou Bega has achieved it within the few last years. 6 million singles, 7 million albums and 40 million compilations, plus songs on movie and TV soundtracks, as well as several advertising spots. The whole world knows Lou Bega.

About Lou Bega

In 1999 the Mambo fever which broke out in Germany arrived in more than 20 countries world-wide. Lou Bega was newcomer of the year and his “Mambo No.5” – the world hit par excellence – infected the whole globe! With his debut album “A Little Bit of Mambo” Lou Bega entered the top positions of the charts worldwide. In USA the album reached #3 in the Billboard album charts and sold more than 3.5 million copies. All in all “A Little Bit of Mambo” has sold more than 7 million copies worldwide. Also his second single ignited: “I Got a Girl” reached the Top 20 in 5 countries.

Awards from all over the world bombard this down-to-earth artist. He received the German music award ECHO in 2 categories and was nominated five times. He was also nominated for a Grammy, and in Cannes he received the reputable World Music Award. Further awards like the Blockbuster Entertainment Award in the USA, Festival Bar in Italy, the Amadeus Award in Austria as well as the Bunte New Face Award in Germany followed.

With his album “A Little Bit of 80s” which was released in 2013, Lou Bega succeed in modifying the hits of the 80s like “Give It Up”, “Come On Eileen”, “Sunshine Reggae”, “Smooth Operator” and “Physical” into typical Lou Bega style, all of which he presented in a fantastic stage show. Lou Bega performed these songs, partly as medleys, in the biggest TV shows all around the world.

In 2013 the artist released “Beautiful World – A Little Collection of Lou Bega’s Best” with the greatest hits from his amazing career. On “Beautiful World” fans and media could also find “Happy Feeling”, a brand-new song which Lou Bega made with the producers of “Caro Emerald (A Night Like This)”. Lou Bega’s album “Free Again”, released in 2010, also included hit singles: “Boyfriend” and “Sweet like Cola”.

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